ADSF – The Most Trusted Construction Company in Dubai

The last decade saw an incredible boom in the Middle East’s construction industry with most of the construction activity happening in Dubai. With incessant government patronage and gradual easing of the freehold laws, the emirate’s construction industry grew exponentially. Rise in tourism, increased employment opportunities, and Dubai’s newfound status as the world’s financial and trade centre contributed to pushing construction work in Dubai to its limits.

The region’s multi-dimensional growth opened new avenues for people from all walks of life and all parts of the world. The growth in trade and commerce and with it the expat population sent the demand for residential and commercial real estate to rocketing heights. The demand/supply property gap in Dubai as well as other emirates of UAE called for construction companies in Dubai to work full throttle. For years, all that was seen in the city was aggressive construction in Dubai. The years-spanning 24/7 construction work in Dubai resulted in desert sand being transformed into marvelous, record-breaking skyscrapers.

ADSF has been a major part of the construction revolution in Dubai as well as the entire region. We are the only construction company in Dubai with an extensive industry experience that invloves both manufacturing and service. We have been producing state-of-the-art construction products and have always adobted a fresh and innovative approach to construction in Dubai to help the city develop its unique identity. Of all construction companies Dubai is home to, ADSF is regarded as the region’s most favorite and reliable one. Our impressive construction Dubai portfolio, products, services and industry experties, all combine to make ADSF a construction company Dubai is truly proud of.