ADSF Rentals


ADSF’s rental division designs and supplies all false work and formwork requirements. In a short period of time, the rental division had become a respected name in the industry, due to our ability to supply an enormous variety of quality materials, all at highly competitive rates and within deadlines, no matter the project complexity. Our client list and levels of repeat business are testament to our scaffolding capabilities and satisfaction of our customers.

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Red Sand Contracting


Red Sand Contracting is an another division of ADSF.

The Red Sand Contracting division of ADSF ensures the swift and safe erection of false work and formwork scaffolding, as per individual client specifications. This highly regarded division provides a quality service with emphasis on meeting deadlines and providing cost effective solutions. Our key differentiator is in the supply of scaffolding-as this is an in-house service, we ensure the elimination of on-site material loss or damage, saving you both money and time.

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Hallams Engineering & Manufacturing


Our dedicated manufacturing capability puts us at the forefront of scaffolding suppliers in the UAE. With our ability to provide quality bespoke products, we can quickly and efficiently produce complex scaffolding components according to your specifications and requirements. Each components is expertly designed and produced to withstand harsh construction environments, providing years of reliable use and service.

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